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Reviews for "Gravity Duck"


Would be a 10/10 but its a little to simlar to VVVVV so you might of gotten the idea from that game but you did a good job making it not so cheat ass rip off

Nice conept for a game...

It's so funny and addictive but it needs more things.


I played it all the way through in ONE sitting, FANTASTIC GAME!!! Very well put together!!! And as far a I'm concerned, HeardTheSound's 5star comment can SUCK IT! LOL, the little duck got a little top hat =P

great job!!

is true, if you add a few things to the game it would be a really good one!

Begone! I have on omelette to make!

Funny ending. Nearly gave up on level 23 (out of boredom) but stuck with it and ended up winning the game. I've read some of the other reviews and I agree with things such as there should be a level editor added and other ability ducks.
I also think that some levels should have reasons to need to double back. E.g. adding some sort of door, get a key - double back - go through door.
Even adding some Easter Eggs to the game (no pun intended) to unlock extra content, such as levels, artwork, etc. could be a fairly good idea.
Enjoy my ideas as I've enjoyed the game. Hope to see Gravity Duck 2 out soon!