Reviews for "Gravity Duck"


...what can I say... amazing job.

A simple concept, difficulty curve is perfect, controls are not too easy, not too complex, and the idea of not allowing gravity shifts while falling is very apropriate. The whole set-up is excactly as needed, nothing is in excess.

Graphics and music were good enough not to bother the player, yet simple enough to allow focusing on the puzzle / gameplay.

A deeper story (in the lines of action puzzles such as 'The Company of Myself') would have been to my liking (thus the 1 point penalty), but of course this is up to you to decide.

A truly worthy action puzzle, well done.

fun game

was a good balance of challenge and cake walk with a sprinkle of trial and error. i was just upset that when i completed it that the game didnt unlock some kind of top hat duck mode =(

Funny and challenging!

The general idea of this game is funny, and I just like it that a duck plays with the gravity-laws xD I'm currently trying to beat all levels, and I'm happy to say that it's often very challenging :D Music is a good choice too, it suits the game well ^^
You might want to improve the graphics a bit, and maybe add a level editor in the future to make it even more fun! ^^ I know that doesn't sound easy, but I just want to say you already did a great job with this game :)

gg ;)

it's not so hard and not 2 easy but in 30 min or so you'll beat the game, hopefully :)

Reminds my of old times

It reminded me of these old amstrad games so hard they were just not finishable, hopefully for this game you got infinite lifes, a concept not known in the 80's :)
A hardcore mode would be: you have 10 lives and must do the 40 levels...