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Reviews for "The Insanity 2"

MUAHAHAHA-- err, ahem, I mean...

This sir was an epic game of terrifying proportions.
These seem to be not only terrifying, but well used. I was impressed on how many times I became nauseous, just from looking at the... 'creations', for want of a better epita-- uh, I mean, term.
OK, big heads-up to anyone who is jumpy at a pin falling. NOT. FOR. YOU. This game is literally the closest to a shock video/flash that I've seen, that still feels like a real game. Yeah, I'm looking at YOU, SCARY MAZE GAME. If there weren't kids on this site, I would've told you what happened to the pair of und-- sorry, disregard that. >_>
The worst I could say is: it's a disgusting, evil plot.*rolls eyes* However, I think that's the POINT. Definitely worthy of "Hollywood-ization", as my sister calls it, as the aforementioned reason is the only bad thing I've found in the storyline.
?...Um, point and click. Really well done, too.
Alright, I'll tell you straight out. Whenever I give a review about a game that's this detailed, I've played the game till my eyes bled. Same as this game. It just took way longer for them to stop bleeding this time...

Overall rating



hay people who cant hear play this i had plan but failed usin ear plugs to clog my ears from music but i didint have hahha music is scary


Just as coltwindstorm said, i had to play it on mute! haha, pretty creepy, nice job.


good not great..coulda been better

:S :S :S

Wow, this game terrified me :P haha, g'job. I couldn't play anymore because it was psyching me out xP