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Reviews for "The Insanity 2"


This game is very good when my brother told me about it I responded it sounds stupid until I actually played it and I changed my opinion instantly great job to the makers of this game and can't wait til the third one. If there will be a third that is.


CTHULHU:(bursts through the window)Peter Langdon:HOLY SHIT ITS DAVY JONES!!!

Better in every possible way

This game is a great prequel.
It's much scarier, the puzzles are cooler and *thank God* there is no 'machine'!
Only one thing: screamers. I can perfectly understand that you need those things to make the game more scary, but I hate it every time the atmosphere is really creeping me out and then a screamer appears...
But overal, if The Insanity III is going to be this awesome, I'm playing it.
Keep on being awesome!


OK. I MAY not sleep tonight. I MAY be a little bit more on edge for a while. i MAY be terrified of creepy mansions forever. I MAY be mentally afflicted with a much bigger and sensitive fear gland, of whatever. But i BEAT this game in one go and i'll do it again DAMMIT! UGH!


This Is the best Horror game on here to me.....have you guys ever considered making a Saw game?I could imagine you making one.

EvilKris responds:

The 3rd game will feature a couple of blatant Saw-type puzzles, you can bet on that.