Reviews for "24 in 24"

Yet Something so Simple Can Be So Creative

You really need to be imitated, avoiding copyright laws.

Angry cloud

that cloud was the best or the crazy little girl with infernal voice or something like that haha

You have some serious talent.

I've watched almost every animation of yours I can find, because they never seem to disappoint. This animation was just as amazing. I liked 8, mainly because you do such a good job of synchronizing sound with animation. 9 made me think of south park, for some reason. 19 because zombies are just awesome, and zombie muffins are even better. But 23 was my most favorite one. I can only imagine what you could do to with a classic story like alice in wonderland. Great job.

awww <3

i liked it-- i forgot which ones i liked the most-- but some of them were so quick ;_;
the mr bowel one made my day<3

Haniaaaaa <3!

... i've become a fan ;___;

8 and 10 were the best

I liked it all, for the most part, but 8 and 10 for the win.