Reviews for "24 in 24"

jaw dropping

I like number 13.

almost unreal

i just got flash and im soo stuck even with the tuts i just dont know how to start or where and if you know that much stuff that you can make an anim withing an hour... you sir are in my mental book of heroes


every one of those segments was both adorable and horrifying... some how I have the feeling that's what you were going for.
very nice work ^.^

not the best, but okay

not the best i've yet seen, but kudos still, i loved #23


8 and 23 were my favorite. If they were as long as your normal videos they wouldn`t have worked, but they were perfect here. I would like to see more like this, except maby more like 7 in 1(7 videos in a week). That would give you more time to brainstorm, and more time to make quality stuff (not that this isn`t).