Reviews for "24 in 24"


favorite one was 19


OUTRAGE! 22 animations because they carried on the wierdo in space thing and the toast runner-man-thing. Any ways AWESOME!!!

Pretty animations combined with emotional music.

Honestly, I am stunned every time I watch this movie. Or lets say "this collage".

First of all, I love the length of the scenes and the intensity of emotion they deliver. Its astonishing to see how they change the feelings and experience of the audience. In my case its only me, but still astonishing.

My personal favorite is "5". I'd like to know how you actually came up with this scene. The idea is great. Its short but touching. When it was over, I felt like having to watch it again. Also, the audiotrack of this one is just ... uber awesome. Is there a full track of this scene?

Anyway, this one movie sure is great and its obvious that you, as the involved creators, put much effort into it. The only reason, I gave it 9 of 10 is that 10 of 10 would mean, that its perfect. And perfect is only, without any doubts, "Tarboy". (;

Great work, matey. Keep it up.


my favorites are

17 4 19 21 and more!!!


fantasy and mind contolling something ever made by the artist is the best and music it is fantastic and heart pounding! I Have never seen anything better!!!