Reviews for "Eclipse."

got a glitch

Got a glitch on the second level, I was switching the places of 2 tiles, the grey one and the sand one. And the sand one turned into a grey one.. so I had 4 grey tiles and 2 sand tiles, when it should have been 3 each. So I couldn't complete the level.. And I didn't feel like starting over.

But cool looking game though :)

Seemed like a good idea

But seriously, change 'rotate left and right' to clockwise and anticlockwise.
It got really annoying

I was really liking this game...

...until I got the same glitch as SpyShadow01, on level 4. I went to use the earthquake power and nothing happened so I restarted the level, upon which the game said I beat the level with a score of 0, and then everything froze.

From what I was able to play, this sounds like a fun game.

Scoring glitch.

For some odd reason, the score that shows up on the level select is sometimes different from the one shown at the end of the level. It's happened twice to me so far: In level 7, the results said "A", but the level select showed "A+". Not a big deal, I figured, but in level 9, it said I got a "B" (even though I had 10, exactly par for that level, which usually gives me an "A"), and when I went to the level select, it said "A+". So apparently, if there's an error, it automatically defaults to "A+". It's nice that it does that, but I fear people can just glitch their way to total victory.

On the game itself, I thought it was fairly interesting, but when not going for the par score, there's not much of a challenge at all. Once you blacken tiles, they stay that way, which is a bit odd, since I thought I was casting shadows on the planet, not sucking the light out of it.

I really enjoy the concept behind the game, though. I would like to see future games from you incorporate terrestrial manipulation in the theme.

pepperpunk responds:

I had a look, and the error appears to be on the "results" screen at the end of the level on levels 6-9, the grades on the level select scores are the accurate ones.

So when you got 10 for your score, and the par was 10, you earned that A+, it was just the B on the end screen that was wrong. :)

not bad

certainly better than other eclipses i know.