Reviews for "Eclipse."

Very Nice

Very Nice and Challenging Game if your not sooo into puzzles, i liked the graphics, even if they lagged from time to time due to my bad computer, and for all the others, if you have cookies enabled, it saves every planet you have already beaten, even after restarting your comp, just don't delete the temp folder or remove your cookies ^^

hope to see more games of you ;)

Interesting, but

Same problem as Piggyback.... T_T

great puzzle

this is original and the ability to change the tile is the most addicting part of the game.


I don't know if its the actual game itself, but by the 3rd or 4th level i couldnt do anything. I couldnt click any of the buttons on the side and when i tried to click a ring it would select and then deselect itself...? would have liked to keep playing...

good game. slight glitch

If you complete a level and then click replay level as it's finishing the board, you will get an automatic score of 0 on that board and the game will lock up. Aside from that it was a fun puzzle game that had an addictive play style to it