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Reviews for "The Deeplight Expedition"


After awhile of most newgrounds platform game submissions being dud, this is refreshing. Brilliant work, and challenging... Although extremely frustrating at times.. And although this isn't exactly something that could be resolved whilst keeping the game's dynamics the same, often, I found myself jumping off walls against my will due to tight spaces and awkward situations... And that of course lead to dying (again) Aside from little annoyances like that, this is brilliantly crafted - graphically very appealing (nostalgia, of course), controls and movement felt right (except for missplaced wall jumps) and great design throughout, with varied challenges. Lack of contrived puzzle elements went down well with me =P Eh. I don't usually arse myself to give reviews - especially ones this long, so this is a small honour for whomever made this game that some random weird nerd decided to spend his time actually writing something slightly useful... Huzzah


Games of this level of difficulty only work with savestates, or a huge amount of time. In flash games, if it takes much longer than an hour, we better be getting constant enjoyment.


This game was incredible! I love hard plat formers like these, took me just over an hour to beat (mainly because I couldn't find the last key) which I love. Solid work and I look forward to many challenging games from you in the future.

Fun but hard

i dont know if im just a n00b but i had real trouble beating this

good, controls are a bit touchy

Its a good game, has good length and depth to it. My only real gripe is the controls, sometimes they almost feel a bit too responsive. I found myself wall-jumping when i just wanted to move in a certain direction, I'd have preferred to hit up and the direction i wanted to jump... other than that, not much, it was a bit irritating that i couldn't jump on the non-spiky side of the things that drop from the ceiling.

oh, and @esq08: You could say the same for a countless games. I've played Knytt and it is similar in many respects, but it is unfair to trash a game simply because it was inspired by another game. Maybe the creator never played Knytt and simply made this game on his own after playing Metroid, Redder, or the countless other games this could've been inspired by. The truth is that tight controls, tense puzzles and pixel graphics are an easy formula for a good game. It doesn't mean they're rip-offs