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Reviews for "The Deeplight Expedition"


This game kept my interest for Four and a Half hours. No matter how many times i died, i kept on going. Addictive, well designed. A few minor glitches with the jumping and sometimes you didn't die when you hit the lava or whatever. My only major complaint is that i found it hard to tell the difference between the platforms you could walk on and the background. Thank you for this experience, i found it most enjoyable.


Ah, exploration games...

How I love them. And more importantly: when they inteligently use the scenario as traps as well. Your game do it nicely and have good, a little slippery, controls.

Oh, one more thing: Sometimes jumpings get heavy: some jumps don't reach they maximum height.

nice one

the game was well made, musics was nice. reminded me of one of my favorite games knytt by nifflas, good job mate!

Awesome game

awesome game, great story but i felt the end was a bit wishy washy and a bit thrown together to round things off. gameplay is good if a little buggy at times but a game that definately earned its 9 star rating

Bring your own music

Seriously, a bit more variety of sound would be nice. Nothing for finding tablets even, just the digital fart when you die... Sigh...

Most deadly things in the whole place were the platforms, generally shoving me about more than being helpful, and that said I was still truly disappointed how few of them wanted to dunk me in acid/lava.

Although not BAD, this game is merely adequate. An unambitious platformer that lacks anything to really set itself apart from others. It's fine for some time wasting but generally it felt a little disappointing. Plus I finished the game with 99% of the maze and all the tablets but only 9/10 keys and a locked door, so I suspect there's a particular way it needs to be completed, which is always a shame. Also; spiked platforms. Draw spikes on both sides or let the dude walk on the spike-free side, otherwise just seems non-sensical.

This all said I wish I could say why it ISN'T difficult. Maybe it's the infinite lives.

I recommend trying this game, BUT IF you don't enjoy it early on then stop, it doesn't change.