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Reviews for "The Deeplight Expedition"

This is great!

I just started this, found it in another users favorites. Only thing I would change is to have a separate channel for the game music and sfx so I can mute the music but still hear the sounds. Great job!

awesome game

it makes me jealous of your skills. please keep making games.

Great Game!

I've been enjoying this game on and off for the last several days and it was a lot of fun.

The only two things that I would suggest is that sometimes the guy would move even though I'm not touching the keys.

Also, on the map, the white blinking dot that is supposed to represent the hero is hard to see. Might I suggest a different color, like red?

But again, it was a great game and I enjoyed myself. I can tell that a lot of hard work and talent went into this game.


god i did it:D

this game is insane... i nearly destroyed my pc because of the fact that i died over 999999 times xD ... because of 1mm i got to close to a stupid fireball ;)

anyway.... finished the game with 100%

great game but a little bit difficult but i liked it^^

great work more of them :D

Great game, couple of flaws

Great art, really fun gameplay, interesting story. Great mix of difficulty - some easy areas, and some really challenging ones. Clever level design. Lots of interesting traps/dangers.

Flaws: hit detection is wildly inconsistent. Sometimes you can get right up next to something (pixels touching) and not die. Other times you can be a whole bodywidth away from something and die.

And the commenter who mentioned following a precise order to get keys and open doors has a point: although you don't have to follow a precise order, there is a way to get stuck. I finished the game (found Darklight Stone) with 99% complete exploration, only missing one key. On the minimap I can see which room I can't access. According to Jez79's map, the last key I need to open that door is INSIDE THAT ROOM. So it's impossible for me to fully complete the game. I can imagine a scenario where you got the keys in an order which actually made it impossible to get the Darklight Stone. That's probably what happened to AhrimanOfTheLight. So while there's not a precise order needed to finish (lots of nonlinear ways to be successful), there are probably several ways which leave necessary keys behind doors, making success impossible.