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Reviews for "License to Combo: Revamp"

dude i was going to give you 10000/10

but then i heard those lame dragon ball Z sounds when he hits someone and that completly ruined it
the animation is really awesome but those annoying sounds...


I saw this type of animation style somewhere on stickpage.com, I think it was Terkoiz or something... But he had the same scarf and pose. Overall it was an amazing animation.

I loved how the combo's where done and the flow of the animation, there was absolutly no choppiness and the title screen was very detailed. I LOVE IT.


I loved but need more effect and more speed

good combos

it sounds like you got the sounds from SSBM but good video

liked very much, but didnt get the story

at some point i lost linearity of story but all in all great job

Nhazul responds:

Haha, there was no story! It was just a animation displaying different combos I've done for competitions and for fun. I appreciate the review, thanks.