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Reviews for "License to Combo: Revamp"


Although I must say knowing how each segment would end i.e. the orange man getting owned turned me off a little, but still love it. Great job animating, and the effects were great. Fights are always more epic to me though when it's drawn out a little, make your pseudo ninja a worthy adversary. ;) That would the shit.

Nice stuff

I like your main character and how he would summon his scarf mid combo. You shoulda maybe added a combo meter or life bar to give it more of a combo video feel that you would see in a lot of fighting games. Nice job, pretty intense and animation was very good.

stick action at its finest...mon

the sound boards were entertaining it gave the fighting game feel of it. the combos were well laid out with smooth yet simple stick figure movement. if you can find different sfx then DBZ sounds, then you would be well worth the 10, but that was the only thing holding it back. Im very interested in your action style blur effect motion for the quick movements, and overall it was a great video. good day mon!

shud b a game

if this wus a game n u cud do the same combos i wud definitley play it

great video

great overkills!