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Reviews for "License to Combo: Revamp"


Although I must say knowing how each segment would end i.e. the orange man getting owned turned me off a little, but still love it. Great job animating, and the effects were great. Fights are always more epic to me though when it's drawn out a little, make your pseudo ninja a worthy adversary. ;) That would the shit.

stick action at its finest...mon

the sound boards were entertaining it gave the fighting game feel of it. the combos were well laid out with smooth yet simple stick figure movement. if you can find different sfx then DBZ sounds, then you would be well worth the 10, but that was the only thing holding it back. Im very interested in your action style blur effect motion for the quick movements, and overall it was a great video. good day mon!

Stick are beast but..

Yeah heres some pointers you can use in your future videoo... I did not like the scarf reference even though i know its your thing and everything but it just keeps showing up and it gets boring sometimes. DBZ Sound effects.. Like the person a few below me he said he didnt like the sound effects. I personally think unless you have 5 hours of time of punching a box next to a boom stick in a recording studio, then its all unoriginal. Anyways its very important that you have to make the main person via the scarf dude to get beaten during a fight yet he still prevails. That makes i dramatic that he can comeback from losing his scarf or whatever. Anyways again i have some good things about this. Loved your slow motion and then just skips some into the hit. Great work on that. Also if you think about it, You flash style is very unique. I know a few who do the outline and color in technique, then instead of making it clean you make the arms stretch out to emphasize the motion. Very few people do this technique so ill give you props on that one. And also another thing i loved is the fact that you put in those chinese letters ( im chinese). Even though you probably took them online or something and the meaning of each character is totally random, it kinda represents like ninjas in japan sort of thing. Anyways 9/10 4/5. Keep it up

Sweet as hell

It was reaally cool, I loved the switch from move-to-move in each combo. It seemed very well thought out and smooth, the only part I didn't like was the orange guy beating up the blue guy, it seemed to rely on blur alone with no actual animation of the punches. Everything else was really nice. I recommended this to the stick collection +favorite and 5/5.

cool but more

seizure inducing, but awesome. it seemed like scarf grants awesome powers.