Reviews for "Luke is a massive prick"

When I find that guy...

I swear when I find that guy Luke I'm going to knock his block off!

Munglai responds:

he's a dildo kisser

Very illuminating

I did not know the full extent of the situation regarding Luke, but through your flash you have informed and enlightened me on the matter with style and verve. I feel you have performed a public service my good sir. What a prick.

Munglai responds:

dirty-thumbed mouth dicker

God damn Luke

Just hearing his name makes me mad as all fucking hell.

He left chocolate fingerprints all over my wiimote

Lovely movie, still.

Munglai responds:

man that ain't nothing

last time he was round my place he jizzed in a tesco bag and fucking hung it up to dry like that was even gonna work

then he let a can of beatles loose in my god-damn fiat


LOL, whoever he really is.........

Munglai responds:

he's a finger-in-ass downs fucker

I know right

What a fucking prick

Munglai responds:

and he breaths way too loud