Reviews for "Luke is a massive prick"

Actual /Animation/!

Wow, you don't see that every day!

You're a lion and I love you.

Fuck Luke.

Munglai responds:

Luke kissed his dad and we were like GROOOOSSSS

Luke should be ashamed

Entertaining, but more educational.

Last time I saw Luke, he kicked my shins. Before that, the last time I saw him I was telling him that I was going in for a shin operation. What a bag of dicks.

Munglai responds:

Luke is a total ball-tongue

Damnit Luke fuck you

What the hell is his problem you can't do that in a movie theater.

Great stuff as always, especially this time though because now I know to never go near that chode again.

Munglai responds:

one time we were in the car and Luke was like hey guys check out that chick holy shit and we all looked and she was like 13 jesus christ that's just inappropriate Luke

What a dick

Luke still hasn't returned my dvd of total recall..

Munglai responds:

he probably tried to fuck it man, I wouldn't ask for it back now.