Reviews for "Luke is a massive prick"


I expected so much more from a Munglai cartoon around the season of Clocksday. To me they're like a Charlie Brown Christmas special.

Bloody Luke, it's all his fault :'(

Luke is the Fresh Prince of BellEND.

Munglai responds:

Luke fucking jizzed on my flash movie.


this is a story, all about how, his life got flip turned upside down.

Munglai responds:

if by "he" you mean Luke and by "flip turned upside down" you mean "became an empty husk based around masturbating to children's clothing catalogs and tripping up minorities in the street".

finally a message I can get behind

luke deserves every damning animation he's got coming to him. happy clock day. {{{}}}

Munglai responds:

fuck luke that fucking prick