Reviews for "Give Up, Robot"

This game as a very colorful retro style, with very tough puzzle maps to get by. I went to the last level 61 and my robot gave up, after seeing how to beat it on Freegames66, i find it impossible!

Simple but complicated, and has rainbows and robots, I played for almost an hour on Freegames66 but it seems that I get high score than when playing on this site.

I cannot pass lvl 45. Can any one give me some guides for the last levels? I tried somany time on Freegames66 but I cannot finish it.

It is is excited to jump, graple, repeat. Give Up, Robot keeps me sitting for more than 3 hours. I will not get the goal in this game unless playing on freegames66 in onw week.

its hard but thats what makes it AMAZING! i love it!