Reviews for "Give Up, Robot"


Stopped at Level 47. (Beat 94%)
Nice game.

But I always felt like being tested. The annoying light shows, the music and especially the voice that says: "Can we be friends robot?", "Nice job robot".

Was this some kind of an experiment or what?


Couldn't beat 50! hahahaha "enough is enough"
Nice one. The title motivated me to keep going

Love the simple ones

The games that have the simple graphics, but awesome gameplay are always so much better than the vice versa, although there are a lot less of them it seems.


You are able to fling yourself across with the first blade. And this game was a fun game but a challenge. I like that. And I will never give up and I'm not a french robot or a n00b robot!

Super Mario robot version?!

First of all, I'd like to say that the name defines very well what we find in the game.
Then, i say that this looks a better version of Super Mario, except the graphics that I dislike a bit.
I think the game was very good and you used the platforms in a very original way.
Congratulations, man. It was good if you did another version of it with better graphics.