Reviews for "Give Up, Robot"

Amazing graphics and decent controls.

Gameplay: 4/5 [The z shoot - x jump was unconfortable for me]
Graphics: 5/5 [Those pixels, and those colours!!]
Sound/Music: 5/5 [Awesome catchy music!]
Creativity: 3/5 [I've seen many trial - error games, but this was the hardest]
Fun: 5/5 [Very enjoyable]
Woah! A game that for ME is difficult, I need to applause this! well, I'm stuck at 56 :/ but it doesn't matter, I like a lot this game!!
[7/10] - [Cool and creative, I like that!]

its so hard but its ok good game good luckfor every one

Just an fyi; Adultswim is NOT the creator of this game. That would be mattmakesgames. Adultswim is simply the publisher, hence why it's name is on the menu.

AdultSwim IS the real creator. Have proof against me? It says AdultSwim on the main menu! This was incredible fun and incredibly frustrating! I rememember when it first released! I just love platformers.