Reviews for "A Sperm Limit Law"

I was on LSD the second time I watched this.

I'm So happy.

i can never get tired of re-watchign this lol

the bgm fits the animation perfectly
groovy at the same time
the apothecary sound switch made me lol so hard
and what do you mean trying to not get distracted (is that why he bought the roofies?)
the carpets are awesome lol
love the ebonics used in this made me watch over and over and still not bored of it
great flash!


This is the exact kind of flash movie I dream of creating! Good job on this project, even though I didn't understand it I'm sure it has a deep meaning. I'd love to see a sequel.

Also I have one request; what is the name of the song that plays in the apothecary? That beat is orgasmic.

Catoblerone responds:

It's the second half of the song that's playing at the moment. Can be found by clicking that "Make Sammiches" by Misterscoops CD icon on the left of this page.

blah blah wawawawawwa

wow, this is probly one of the most original things i've ever watched.

good job man. :)


weed anin't always good, ya know?