Reviews for "A Sperm Limit Law"


im a fan of pcp and weed bt this shit is still amazign without a buzz

Don't have to be on drugs to enjoy....

I never thought I'd see words in these animations. Kinduh dissapointed by that. But, some of the ideas you have in this are simply awesome. Guy running through the door and then the door opens? That was awesome. Love this work.

My pussy gonna grab ur cock and make it cum!

fucking sweet dood.. i watched this sooooo baked.. dood u are a master!! thank you!!


this would have totally made more sense if I was high

cool music!

And good animation, but apart from that, what synth did u used it to make the music or if u not, is like a VSTI program? I'm trying to compose with this same lead or pad. It is polisynth, pulse, saw.. any idea?