Reviews for "A Sperm Limit Law"

storyline? theme?

they weren't there or they were hidden well enough I couldn't find them but I still give a 6/10 for the quality of animation, looks like you know a thing or two and with good writing have potential for real greatness

Bad all the way

how dare you make me read. the graphics would be cool if i was stoned maybe but the music was awful and and no real story line


The animation style was for lack of a better word, fluid. There's really nothing else to compare it to because it is an entirely new form. It was racist, but it wasn't really stereotypical or anything like that. The music really fit well with the progression of the animation in the sense that the feel of the animation was reflected in it, and vice versa. I liked the story, even if it wasn't a conventional one. In short, i just plain liked it.


Well, I don't know what to say, 'cept about the Pulp Fiction reference wich I liked.

This is the shit.

Shit reminds me of the old time cartoons only it isn't in black n white. Its colorful and trippy. Good work. You guys got some sick skills.