Reviews for "Press Start: Chores 2"

Trenton Belfast

Animation wasn't the greatest but it was really funny. lol, I have the same first name.

Muito legal

Dude, very cool, mainly that part of using the cross as a symbol and that part of canonize Portuguese, lol. In other words, some times we should think about God 's word and play video games. Isso é tudo!


Why do you use my means of execution as a symbol?
It's like a Boomerang!

Omg lol funneeeeeeeeh

this is SO funny! but i had one "wtf"-moment; after the sunday school thing Trenton said "later THAT DAY" lol, he ages fast. He will tomorrow propable old man ^^


I seen the previous movie for a long while ago and this one is as funny as the last one. Great!

Looking forward to the next one.