Reviews for "Press Start: Chores 2"

God looks like an egg

I review your stuff here so often, it is nice to know that you guys make one of these things a month. Anyway, I thought this was pretty good but not one of the funniest. I think what sells me is the character Johnson. He is just so pathethic in his demeanor and his attempts at being dark always fail. It was really cool to see the gallery of people in Hell, as I could recognize a gingerbread man, King Dedede, the evil clone, M. Bison, the PacMan ghosts, Dick Cheney, etc. There was certainly a lot going on in this epsiode

Funny!!! The hairs must cut him.

wait a minute, when did Vile get the 2nd and 3rd keys, also what was the 3rd key. One guy said the keyhole looked like Zippy, was he/she/it it.


This show is so well written that it's a wonder how it isn't on Adult Swim by now. I loved the follow up to Chores, it came out really well and all the jokes were smooth and not forced. You really have a thing going here, my only problem is the animation seems a bit lazy. You haven't improved for like 2 years which is pretty sad to say, but nonetheless, you have perfected everything else. That's why I'm giving you 10, although it might not encourage you to try harder, what is here is awesome and I would gladly see more even with the same animation.

Good as always

I can see why the animation has stayed the same, it's a trademark of the press start series only thing I have to say about it is that maybe they should be more polished out, otherwise the jokes were good it was a bit short but it was made in a short period after the first part so I can see why it may be a bit short and rushed so thanks again DarkMazeStudios and I hope to see more :D.

here we go again

you art style seriously has not changed since 2006, usually an artist will get more experienced with flash and listen to feedback on what he can improve on but you obviously choose not to do any of this. This seriously looks like you made it with a mouse while you were drunk, on the positive side the voice acting is pretty good and i at least smiled once, but christ man i really wish to see some improvements.