Reviews for "Press Start: Chores 2"

Never old.

I've been watching this series for awhile now and it's one of the few on Newgrounds that stays relatively funny even though new ones come out quite regularly. It's hard to keep up with that I know but you do it and it works. Keep it up! This series is something I look forward to.

really good

also i just watched ncs charity drive i saw you in the back of the room

Fucking funny!

I am nothing against the majesty of this series that rountinely makes me laugh my ass off. Ja!

its ok

I don't think the animation is really good, but its pretty funny

Awesome, another one!

Great new ep. That, and a nice lead up into the second movie. You're definately on track for an awesome sequel. What could possibly go wrong? ;)

And yes, I do think Johnson IS getting his true punishment.