Reviews for "Gravity Hook HD"

Nowhere near as good as the first.

I mean, it's alright, but it's missing that fast level of pace that the original had. Great for casuals, not great for people who have quick sense and reflexes. Difficulty, pace, and overall quality took a dive since you decided to bring this to those "Hipsters" with shitty iPods.


It feels different than the original, but it's still fun and addictive.


one tiny change tho.. perhaps a volume muter might be good

With some work, I would buy this game

You have a great game here, but there are some flaws in the game.

The gray balls are almost completely useless

The blue balls explode way too fast, not allowing you time to use them to your advantage

The terrain is somewhat bland, put some temporary ledges on there and stuff.

Make different modes like collect the flag or something.

You should add something like temporary zero G charges in your suit or something that would make the game more interesting.

Other than those things, this game was well thought out, and it looks good. Definitely a favorate.

This game could've been awesome

The game was pretty cool but one thing that majorly pissed me off was the fact that if you shot too far you'd still fall. If you can grab onto the green ball, it should lift you forward. Just make the chain shorter. Also, you should put power ups and such to progress farther upwards like a jetpack or extra-lift grappling hook that launches you farther up for a set period of time. Has good potential, but needs a few fixes.