Reviews for "Gravity Hook HD"

It's hard as hell but..

It was addictive, I particularly liked the old school theme.

Graphics were smooth.

Just an advice : you should put a tutorial at the begining, because learning to play without explanations on such a hard game is difficult.


really cool game.....nice graphics..the animation is fluid ..kinda hard but it's ok

Nice update.

The secret was good too. It was a nice detail =)

One thing that really irks me today...

Okay, please forgive me if this sounds a little rude, but PLEASE, explain the controls of the game on the author's note or in-game even if it should be easy to figure out.

So far I've figured out that blue explodes, that clicking is how you shoot your hook, and that too far away causes you to still fall; fall out of the screen and your toast. That's it; I dunno how far the hook can go before its too far, I dunno if there are any other controls I'm missing out or anything.

The concept is great, the graphics smooth. The above problem is the only real one, though figuring this stuff out is possible. Also, if there are other things, what about power ups? Temporary jetpacks, temporary hooks that allow you to reach longer or shoot you further?

Pretty good game in all.

Good, but a bit ridiculous.

Really, must a climbing game be this difficult? The physics might be a bit more realistic, but I felt myself losing far too easily. Climb games should rely on twitch (a certain amount of physics too, of course). If you put a grappling hook in my hand, I'd like it to be whisking me upward, not swinging me to my death that I could've had quicker by falling.

Still, I have to give it a 4 for the graphics and engine, which might be better suited for a true platformer.