Reviews for "Newgrounds HQ Showdown"

Too slow

This game is pretty similar to portal defenders, but the movement is just too laggy. It felt very sluggish and hard to control. The AI players seemed to move slightly faster from the start. If you try to move away from the enemies they hit you before you can turn around and block. Other than that, the concept wasn't too bad.

first try i got beaten by fro

it was kool but the game was slow and had a few bugs but it was alright

The boss

I feel that the boss was the "hardest"enemy on there

good game!

but it was too easy for me
so 4/5 and 8/10


I'm gonna call it how I see it, the level design is unimaginative as is the AI and combat system and how its structured seems to be a rip off of Portal Defenders. The animation is so-so. The two main reasons that this got on frontpage I would imagine are that the main character is the owner of newgrounds and after each level you pretty much drop a sales pitch for this sites stuff. Thinly veiled and extremely disappointing.