Reviews for "Newgrounds HQ Showdown"

I lolled

Awesome ending. Most amazing anticlimax boss ever.

badger badger badger...

mushrooooom mushrooooom XDDD that part was awesome...i laughed so hard XD


Great game but there is just 1 thing, the endboss is a bit to strong


it's mainly just bashing the a-button, althought i liked the random weapon thing

Needs more action!

First off I'd like to say I've enjoyed the art style, love the noses. The concept was also great, but here's some common issues.

Now, the game has many factors that made the game boring. These include:
*Slow walking speed (For Fulp AND the enemies)
*Slow fighting speed (ditto)
*The repetition of the same background and stage over and over
*The nonchalant look on Tom and the enemies' faces
*The lack of change within enemies. (Feels like they all do the same measly damage, also the lack of required shield usage)
*The quiet and slow background music.

But overall it was an okay experience and a good concept! Good work guys!