Reviews for "Newgrounds HQ Showdown"


The game is very funny hahahaha and easier to gain medals like the final boss : *********** is very easy hahaha

The badger team is really funny! and annoying . . . .
*********** is secret

easy and very slow game play

I find the game play very easy as i never got hit after i died to the first time to get the medal. The enemy names were good but the game play was sluggish and repeativitve.

Medals.. Medals

Nothing More but so much less. Gets really stale and you keep going because your surprised of how easy this is oh and the medals :P


I honestly thought the game mechanics were pretty stale, the animation was pretty nice though, as well as the story. When I got to the badgers I just sat there for a second, like... IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN!

Um. Where was the challenge?

It was a great game graphics and concept wise, especially the ending(lol). But really, where was the challenge? All I did was walk into a corner and kept pressing attack. All the AI did was bend down and take it. I only died once and that was when I was stupid enough to move into the 4 enemies, and kept getting hit and knocked down till I died. Fun game though aside from the ease.