Reviews for "Destructo Box Fan Drive!"

i always loved you DestructoBox

I think this was one of your funniest cartoons. I think the main reason it works so well is because you get to mock the audience. I knew you were going to say something about them killing someone or something if they didn't go on. It helps that the animation is as great as ever. Dang, do I love seeing that naked guy get squished at the beginning.

I'm glad that this guy was able to get at least 43 food biscuits. It would take hard work to make a song that quick about crime fighting spiders with raging boners. That's actually a decent improvised song. Hopefully, I can feed him. I even liked the thing at the beginning with the guy being black.


im sorry alex your going to die

nah it would be funny i alex died

plus ive already sbscribed to annoying orange so nah