Reviews for "Destructo Box Fan Drive!"


...i got to get that funky song. Is there anywhere I can listen to? It just whon't get out of my head. It's like "Final Countdown" but worse. Yeah, that's possible.

Anywho. Awesome episode... again. Give him another cookie (an put some cream on top *wink*).

DestructoBox responds:

you can listen to the song on our Facebook page ;)

Very Funny Animation.

10/10 stars


The song I like but seriously I hate Alex for, some reason, so NO BISCUT 4 U!!!

DestructoBox responds:

Would it help if we stole the biscuit?

You have my axe. And biscuits.

Seriously, I love the song. It's a real testament to the writing that you were able to take something lame like a subscription drive and make it extremely entertaining. GREAT JOB!

DestructoBox responds:

Sweet! What type of ax is it?

"And I wonder who would possibly be to blame...."

Certainly not me!...I sent over two buiscuits for facebook and youtube :P

DestructoBox responds: