Reviews for "Destructo Box Fan Drive!"


Oh my god. My new favorite song....

DestructoBox responds:

Be sure to check out the sweet logo wallpaper ;)

Love it.

This has become my favorite series on newgrounds.

DestructoBox responds:


We love to hear it!


is there anywhere i can get that piece of genius song.

DestructoBox responds:

We're working on something special for that, but for now it's up for your listening pleasure on our facebook page!


I love this I watch all of you episode already....except the ones you didnt make yet. MAKE MORE DAMMIT!
*hums the crime fighting spiders song*
hmmmm hm hm hm hmmmm. oh and I need that ringtone. :)

What if

The world ran out of people to subscribe to DestructoBox? o-o