Reviews for "Tick Tock Train"


super sad face


i couldn't beat the 2 boss because he wouldnt take any damage other tan that it was a bit laggy


well usually when u have one of these continuous epic boss fight sequences its... well actually epic... it didnt take long to figure out the bosses and once u get to that puzzle i dont even think its solve-able and im not gonna waste thetime killin the bosses again to double-check... try building up the boss fights... a repeated knife throw is too easy to get past and is just lame for a boss... ill give u 3 stars for the effort

Test for bugs before submitting.

I haven't had a playthrough where I have not experienced bugs. Please, before submitting next time, get beta testers or even play your own game.

Good effort, but you have a low score because the plethora of bugs in your game renders it unplayable.

Hard to pass

Hard to pass not because of toughness, but the fact, that the controlls don't respond sometimes. They just wont! The shooting direction could change when jumping.
When jumping with the bubble (1st level), you can still die. The bubble wont go around for some reason. Is it a bug?

PS. The puzzle is solvable, people, just look at the walkthrough if your stuck. Thats the reason it's there!