Reviews for "Tick Tock Train"


Everday I got a kitty krew to blam,but today I got this to give all five to.
Great game. Needs a lil improvement but nothing to really cry about.

rolling afro

lol that was fun i guess it could have been a bit better but i had fun

Great Game

I don't know what everyone's problem is, but the game was great. The controls were awesome, the puzzles were a good idea too. A really great game.
I really liked the music, not repeditive, like in most games. I liked the bosses attacks, they were different, again not repeditive. I loved that you had measurements on how far away the bosses were when they were offscreen. Awesome!

There are some ways to improve. You auto-die whenever anything touches you, you could have health, so that attacks could have different strengths. I thought it was kind of silly that a rolling Afro ball attack had the same power as a mega-death-laser or a rocket.
You can't shoot your gun while you are moving, which kinda sucks. I would have liked to be able to do that.
Also, the puzzles I found a bit too easy. You could have made them harder for each consecutive boss, by making them bigger, have different types of pieces, I don't know, but having the last puzzle the same difficulty as the first wasn't great.
The armor you get into for the last two fights was awesome, but the only way to stop firing your laser was to jump. You could make it so you can press down and it turns it off, but I found it annoying that your laser kept going on forever until you jumped.

But, regardless of the few poroblems it had, they were nothing compared to the over-all game. It is such a good game, so professional. It could have been longer too, because it was so fun to play. I have no idea why people say it sucks, probably because they think it's too hard, but it was perfect diffculty. It IS harder to beat the game without continuing though, still working on that one.

This is great, make more games like this. And don't pay attention to the scores you get, it was awesome.





Nice game!

It's a very great game! I have enjoyed it!