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Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 4"

Pretty good game, But so many bugs I played when I still had no account

Довольно хорошая игра, но так много ошибок я играл, когда у меня еще не было учетной записи

But I cannot save the image as an image file. Someone, please help me
I have a laptop

F1Krazy responds:

You can use the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard to take a screenshot, and post the resulting screenshot into any image-editing software you like. I don't believe directly exporting images is possible in Flash.

tricky: f**K you f**k jebus and f**k you
hank:oh shut up clown
jebus: yes shut up
hank:(turns around) JESUS NOT YOU TOO
jebus: welp it is hank
tricky:(sneaks away) ah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
hank: ah f**k S**t butthole lick
jebus: well bye hank(points sword)
ahhjkjjksdffnmhjf: my kills n00b
both: what is that
hank: ok kill first fighty later
jebus: agreed

i have a question... where is print button?
i did mean in my keyboad of you understand now

F1Krazy responds:

There isn't a print button in-game. I don't think a functionality like that would even be possible in Flash, to be honest. You can take a screenshot of your completed scene, save it as an image file, then print out the image file.