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Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 4"


my scene: Agent:hey here han..(Hank kill him with sword ) Other Agent:Shit!(hank kill him with pistol)

You're not going to see this message, and the thing is probably fixed by now, but I found this thing with the cigarette. If you rotate it, then it goes all... dark.

Like I said, this is probably fixed all ready in a later game, but I'm just letting you know, because I haven't checked the other SC's you made for the glitch.



This is my scene,

Jebus: ( Reloading Jebus revolver) Well Henk, you just have to die sooner or later, try to guess how many sins you made.

Hank: As many as I Fu&%^&* want to.

Jebus: Heh, you won't make any more sins. ( Aims revolver at Hank's head )

Hank: Oh really, how big of an idiot are you?

( Deminos sneaks behind Jebus )

Jebus: hello, now BYE ( Starts to pull trigger )

( Deminos tackles Jebus )

Deminos: Go!!!!

( Deminos takes Jebus's revolver )

Hank: Deminos, let's leave and let this Motherfu*%&# try to catch up

Jebus: F(&^ you...

( Hank and Deminos runs away )

Normal guy: ( Sees Jebus )

Normal Guy: I'm getting out of here if you don't mind!

Me: Is it good?

If I could, I would post the scene but I follow the rules.