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Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 4"

my scene:
jebus: goodnight hank
deimos: no! (gets jebus back)
jebus: !%"! you deimos
deimos: hank now
hank: ok deimos (gets jebus revolver)
deimos: hank kill jebus
hank: goodnight jebus
jebus: oh ·$%"

Fred was tested on and was more stronger. He was turned against the AAMWR.
He killed the agent and got his shotgun, The name was yet again changed to: AAFJ

His bullet wound disappeared.
But...He saw hank and he was shot to death.

ALL OF IT IS ON MAH PROFILE BYE also it was in madness 6 scene creator and scene creator 5.5

a scene:
hank:where the Deimos now jebus?
jebus:he the left door he almost died!
hank: good

love it

Biro got more ammo for his MP5 and found his broken sword repaired. He ran through a ton of gang members as they returned and realized the power box was broken. He and Deimos had to fight their way inside, eventually resorting to blowing up a hole in the wall to get in. There still were some gang members, so he called in Hank and Mark, who has a Jebus mask. Biro gave hank his sword and told him to give it back tomorrow. Then the horde of gangsters came. Biro fixed the power box, but he died afterwords of electrocution. He was not able to zombify or be revived. Deimos shot other gang members that might of been involved, and hank sliced his way through the others. Mark simply shot other gangsters, but found out that the leader was the one who tampered with the power box waiting for Biro to die. He took out an AK-47 and shot everyone but Mark. Mark put in the last bullet.