Reviews for "4:20"

4:19 got a minute?

dude this flash kicks ass! Attention all pot heads! watch this on some indian red hair! and yes i do know 4:20 stands for a date, not a time, it stands for jerry garcia day! 4:19 got a minute is the day you get a newbie to smoke w/ you. 4:20 is jerry garcia day! smoke whenever you want wherever you want. 4:21 forgot my bong day is where you can only smoke your "tobacco" in a bong, nothing else.
now you can't say you aren't clued in. you heard it from the tetrahydrocannabinol addict himself!

if i were stoned this would be funny

this is boring as shit when your brain works right. and for the last guy who reviewed, 4 20 stands for a day not a time. april 20th aka Bob Marley Day

Well, it was too short for my liking, but....

.......the pro-Marijuana message (YEAH YOU KNEW IT WAS THAT RIGHT) is all okay with me. Perhaps a bit too......eh...monotone, and praising of it, but hey, who cares, right? I liked the Bush-Administration referance. HAHAH! Cracked me up a bit. 4:20 is the secret code for Ganja, Hashish, etc. And the time of day when you should smoke a bud. Yeah. I recommend the song "Marijuana Ville" for any further, mary-jane inspired flash you might make....


this was the best 420 man and this flash is the fuckin greatest. they must have had the dank in there huh? lol

yea its 420!!!!!!!!

im so high............. and that was amazing you are my idol