Reviews for "4:20"

All right

First off, regarding 4:19.. I've never heard of "smoke wit a newbie day", however, I do know that 4:19 is the day that the greatest drug the seventies has ever fucking gave us was created, LSD... :D and personally, I couldn't think of a better way to pass ANY day, not just 4:19, then to drop some acid and just chill listening to Tool... and regarding 4:21.. I have never, nor would I ever, smoke tobacco out of ANYTHING! (Seriously I've done pretty well EVERYTHING but I have NEVER taken a single puff off of a smoke) :) but even if I did, I sure as hell wouldn't taint a bong with that shit.. :S Anyways, the cartoon was alright, I've seen better, yet I have also seen worse...


Mario you dumbass, Jerry Garcia was he leader of the Grateful Dead! You must be somethin like 12 to not know Garcia. DAMN! Well, this was a funnymovie. You know...4:20 is also Hitler's B-day...just a side note.

only if i was blown

I mightve liked it alot more then... and 2 badmofo666 who the fuck is jerry garcia??? Its bob marley day and wtf ill never smoke tobacco in my bong wtf...


Dude this was great fool just like the good old days when i got so blown i was seein shit n my brain great dude i need some weed now but its 2 fuckin late

Hell yes!

Gotta love 4:20,great weed tribute flash. :D