Reviews for "4:20"

"Oh man I'm soooo blitzed"

Heh people who review something and talk about how high they are makes me laugh. Anyway, good flash, pretty much sums blazing up right there.


Dude, I'm freakin blazed and that was awesome as SHIT. Holyyyy shit. Yeeeah man. Good work, and i'm gonna look at all your other stuff... I hope you have more like this one. You matched the characters facial expressions perfectly, and the artwork was just badass. Also, good use of color man... And the bubbles??? FUCK YEAH. Good work Brother.


I miss my old bongs.. I miss all the good times i've had with that sticky green herb. Having to take drug tests all the time is like bieng in Auschwits(the nazi concentration camp if thats how you spell it). Also wtf is smoke with a newbie day, whoever told you there was such a thing is a fucking dipshit (this is not to the creator just to some guy who posted here). Also who in there right mind would fuck up there bong by sticking tobbaco in it? Dumbass...

hahaha, very nice.

i liked this out-of-the-box trippy flash. it would be better if it was a little longer, though.

Keep up the good work bro, and keep on tokin'


loved it

I loved the music. Though I've never heard the Beatles sing that. Well there wasn't any words. Did you cut them out? Anyhow the flash was alright actually I liked it. Just really trippy.