Reviews for "Reincarnation: ITNOE"


I feel the evil! ;o)

nice job for you guys!!!

this game is awesome,seriously! reincarnation is one of my favourites games: point'n click!!! :)

LiLg responds:

glad ya liked it. should have another one out by august.

10 just is not enough!

Awesome as usual! I saw the time on the clock fine.

Gotta love that ducky!

Great game, cant wait for the full one!


... but next one should be big again

hint for secret medal

flick all the light switches at the end 1 one is the upper floor you start on so after you make the guy leave turn it off and 2 one is on the second floor after you kill naja flick the light switch fast or you wont get the medal (will wright after i get second secret medal)