Reviews for "Reincarnation: ITNOE"

like always reincarnation is great!

this is one of the best submissions i have seen lately(not saying that the other submissions are bad, just not as good as this one) but i think its sad that i can't see the medals :(
the only medal i know is winning the game, but thats it :(

do u already know when part three is coming out?

LiLg responds:

I wish I knew. I really do.

Two things.

1. I'm just glad to get a new one in the series even if it isn't full length.
2. It's still good.

I can't wait for the next full length, even if there are 23 minis in between.

LiLg responds:

So I get 20 more chances witht hese minis before I have to release a big one? :)


The game was very good, i'm looking up for final version, keep up the good work.
@lvc888 Oh my good, it's so sad to see comments like that. It's exactly the same way of thinking that brought up inquisition during the middle ages in europe.
Religion was something that was originally trying to set up a specific kind of moral to society so the people could live together in peace. I you read any type of holly document Bible/Coran/Torah and if you try to think a bit by yourself, you will see that these are basicaly the same. They tell you be a good man etc.
The people over ages used religion as a moral base to society and so they interpreted the documents in a way that was helpfull to them. Naturally it ended up in the mess that we all know.
So point is my friend. You're being a sophist, EVERY single religion as been made fun of. And that's a GOOD thing. By taking the blame they show that they are respectful, intelligent and that they dont think too seriously about themselves. South park showed Shiva taking cocaine for good sake. They featured jesus killing people with an M16. The only one who seem not to be able to take a joke are the islamist people. Well the only thing they manage to show there is that they are narrow minded, and still living in their own delirious interpretation of the holy document. They show the world that they are not fit to live in society. What did you use to say about the kid in your class who was not able to take a joke? Yeah that's right, that he is a selfish dumbass. Fortunately not all islamist are that ignorant, and some of them try to bring something good to the world.
have a nice day, and try to be tolerant for good sake.

And sorry for my English, I'm french.


I love these games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I played all of them :) I love them I hope you make more :D Good job man :D