Reviews for "Reincarnation: ITNOE"

Secret medal

to get the secret medal yo need to wait hour and half then when the guy in the room leave you can do the rest

Need help?

If you cant beat this game you only need to get THREE things,first you need to click on the clock,if it isn't working then click in a different spot, the guy will now go to his appointment(remember to click the piece of paper first on the mirror) ,then go down and click the board that seems to be broken,then fast as you can click the sheet and you'll find out what he's doing,go back up disconnect the clock,click under the sink you'll see a door,click it and then pick up the rubber ducky,i know it seems silly but you'll find out later (remember to turn on the bathtub),go back down click the board again and click the top of the bomb,it should open and then you'll be able to get the batterys, combine the batterys together with the clock and put it in the mouse hole,go back up put the rubber ducky in the tub and there you go!

Clock got to 1:30, then reset.

It finally got to 1:30, nothing happened, so I clicked it and it reset. If that didn't work, how else do I get the medals?


What are the secret medals? can someone tell me what they are please?

"Played it a lot"

I can beat this thing!!!!