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Reviews for "I Dream In Retro"

brings back memories :)

this is so awesome! i used to have some of these games :3 u put in a lot of effort into this and i love the way u did the sprite work. its quite a masterpeice! keep up the good work!


to the guy below me im 14 and i recognized all of these and i thought it was a well thought out animation and id like to see more from the author

a lot of effort for an unentertaining concept

So the author created a sprite that resembles himself and inserted it into some modified games with misplaced music, for instance the sonic the hedgehog labyrinth zone music when he was straddling the fish, and the title screen was the Addams family song of all things. It may be nostalgic to the author, since he experienced the dream, but to him I would say he's the only one who experienced the dream, which was no doubt far, far better than experiencing this video, so no one else is feeling nostalgic. To anyone else reading this, I recommend, watch Liu Kang's or Rayden's Crossover instead. Or why was futurama canceled on youtube if you want a messed up dream sequence based on a mix of random pop culture. The mortal kombat character crossover videos are way better, in both humor and the potential for humor, because by inserting himself into the game, the author simply has created something without reference to anyone else. Rayden, that's something other people have grounding in (ok, bad pun), and so Rayden in an old SNES game actually has the potential (another electricity pun, I'm terrible) to be funny. But this doesn't. The AUTHOR of this video in an old SNES game? It's meaningless to anyone else. I don't know who this guy is; why should I care if he's in a video game?

OrinCreed responds:

Fair enough. To answer your question, you don't have to care about me or why I'm in the game. It's not really important to tell the truth.

I think you're in the minority though based on the comments I've seen. Many people experience a rush of nostalgia seeing different game clash and come together despite not being the person who dreamed it up. The comments below yours are pretty much proof of that.

Not sure why your comment was marked useless though. You gave your opinion and as far as I'm concerned you weren't a prick about it. Only spam, trolling and one sentence bad reviews deserve that.


this brings back so many memories. awesome flash and keep it up!

:) I am in love with retro gaming.

Awesome Tribute to the game we played and loved. I actually have tears in my eyes for this beautifulness.