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Reviews for "I Dream In Retro"

I dream in retro?

You got it wrong. I dream in Cock.

Very good animation!

I remember reviewing this on an older account, and I've been trying to find it for a while, finally!! What I like about a video like this, is that you you don't even have to have played these games to enjoy this movie. But with knowledge of all the references, it makes the video that much more enjoyable and nostalgic. Great job.


Keep it up! and only saw this now lawl XD!~

Also i was wondering what was the song playing at the credits? If you could answer back it would be appreciated :3

- Devilking

This was awesome.

I love retro games (well the good ones atleast), and this video is just perfect 4 me. But what was the game you were playing before going to bed?
Anyway awesome video, lovable, and retro-ic-ly epic.

The nostalgic... It BURNS!!

Little Nemo The Dream Master, Balloon Fight, AND Dig Dug reference?
I have never cried this much before now...
This was a pure nostalgic trip next to The Wii Didn't Start The Fire.

Amazing job sir.
You deserve a medal.