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Reviews for "I Dream In Retro"

What a tribute!

Wow, your sprite work is incredible. Plus, the way you mixed everything altogether, I think you just recapped my childhood days on the NES. Good stuff all around. 5/5, 10/10! Added to favorites.




Just amazing

I've seen it maybe 10 times by now, and its just great.

Brings back SO many memories. GREAT JOB! 5/5 10/10

This brings me back

Great mash-up. I love you.

Talk about a trip!

Incredible work XD. Wonderful detailed work on the sprites, animations and movement, everything fit very well and looked good. This reminds me of my own occasional messed up video game dreams (And I'm positive a good number of other viewers have had their own crazy gaming dreams too) , in fact I wonder if a series based on video game dreams would do well >.>... certainly a thought. In any case a video game of this should be made, it would be amazing. Let me emphasize this, if I had the money, I would pay three indie developers 200 bucks each to make this into a game.. IF I had the money to spend.

Wonderful job, I look forward to watching more of your work, and I encourage anyone who happens to glance over this review who practices game development find others who make free games, and make a collaborated workpiece worthy of this animation!