Reviews for "Age of War 2"

kinda easy

im giving a 10 cause age of war is so awesome :P

too easy

i'm still going to give it a 10 cause age of war is an amazing game seeing how it is free. sadly people are right, the support is over powered, i actually beat the game on hard during the spartan era and that is kinda sad actually to think about seeing how there are so many ages out there but using this strategy you would no't get to see any of them.


Way too easy even on Insane, I always finish my enemy within the first few seconds of modern-time, while they are still egyptians.

Oh yes

It reminds me a little bit of civilization, which is one of my favorites. Well done mate.

Good game!

I found a pretty big game break though. If you just dump all your money into support, you won't have much trouble. If you can survive them using one of their special field wipes, they'll be too far behind to do anything. Play your cards right, and you'll be entering the modern military age while they're halfway through the midevel age.
Basically, right from the start, but a point into both slots for support, and build only support. You'll need a turret just in case, but it might not be necessary. From there, only build support, putting points into support when you can. Once you hit the modern military age, you'll just mow down all his troops.
And BTW, this worked on Hard too.

I kinda hated how the enemy got that special attack right off the bat. They could use it before yours was even half charged, let alone you having enough XP for it.

Still, I had fun with it. I haven't played around with the last stage yet, however, since I keep killing my enemies just as I start that age. :P